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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pilots Redesign (heads)

A friend and I are co-making a comic this summer and I've just been redesign my existing characters and redesigning Bravo to fit in one style. Bravo is owned by my friend, Jeremy, the rest are mine.

We're also planning to attend an air show this summer, which I'm excited for. Lately, I've been giving into my temptation for looking up planes and such.

So a quick run down..
Daniel Skyes (Roda calls him Dan)
Roda (Tae Woo, is his Korean name) Jung
Bravo (Brooke is her real name)
Meyson Grant

Uh, yeah. Daniel is also Roda's boyfriend. Meyson, I've decided will be a close friend to Roda--much like a brother, really.

I actually haven't really decided on which one's I want to be using so I guess I'll continue on with this for tomorrow.

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