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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Speedpaint wip & Pilots Updates

I did this as a warmup today. Mostly playing around with a different program.

This was done as a speedpaint, mostly. I haven't done a painterly-thing for a while now so I figured I should do something. I also used a different technique that I saw someone do so tried to do a different process. I really dislike where it's at right now. I'll fix it up later, hopefully--or start over new...

These are some logos for the Redstar project. Still in development. Might have gold wings for it in the end.

This is Evelyn with her Armadillo, Illo. Her callsign at the moment is TECH but may change. She'll also be a Crew Chief.

Dan and Roda. It was on my blog earlier. Just added more colour and stuffs.

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