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Monday, May 7, 2012

Redstar☆Pilots - Places Concept Sketches

Some quick sketches to get a feeling of the settings for Redstar☆Pilots . I need to make things a bit more "vintage-y" to fit with the "uniform" of the characters. That being said, the planes may undergo a little bit of redesign  and might have a mixture between the bi-planes and modern ones like the F-16. I'll see. Might throw in something like a MiG-21 and get away with it a little.

It's also in isometric view so that I can get an idea where everything would be in the room.

The rooms are also based off of some military schooling dorms--where two rooms are conjoined by a toilet and shower area, of course separated by doors on either side. It's also slightly based off a dorm room I stayed at in a marine biology research centre.

So basically, if all doors were unlocked, you could enter one dorm and come out another by the main entrance.

Meyson and Roda share a room that will be connected to Daniel with Bianca's (new character that I haven't posted on this blog yet) room.

The common room is where everybody within their sectors can relax and meet each other and chill out/etc. Think of Harry Potter when the houses have their own set of couches and fireplace.

The super carriers will be another part of the universe (out on the ocean of course) that will house a fleet of planes. And a city, possibly.

We haven't actually decided who's office this is either. It may be Marc Davis'

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