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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


A friend and I discussed codenames for the crew of our RedstarPilots after watching Top Gun (1986) today. It's hard to top the codenames in Top Gun. Haha. So far the list of callsigns goes:

- Meyson Grant  "ZEALOT"
Daniel and Roda call him Meyson and May.
-TaeWoo Jung  "RODRIC"
Meyson and Dan call him Roda. (Which is the girl form of the name Rodric).
- Daniel Skyes  "PRINCE"
Roda and Meyson calls Daniel Dan.
- Marc Davis  "SANDMAN"
- Evelyn Jones  "TECH"
- Bianca _____  "BEE"
- Brooke _____ " BRAVO"

My friend and I also had a discussion on changing Dan's hair. So it more less will be the first one on the left and later on it'll be shorter. So...

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